Finance Management
Finance Management
Balance Sheet
Trial Balance
Income Statement
Statement of Account
Day Closing
Cost center based expense distribution
Multiple branches & locations
Multiple companies facility
Flexible and Customer based chart of accounts
Check pointing for different banks
Free text facility for credit expense purchase
Payment / Receipt / Journal Voucher
Day book, Cash book
Year-End Wizard for auto year closing
Auto balance transfer
Financial reports
Sales Management
Customer File & its Document Management
CRM, Quotations, Sales Order
Delivery Notes from Sales Order
Sales Invoice, Sales Receipts
Delivery Tracking & Sales Order Tracking
Customer Statement & Receivables
Sales Profit Analysis
Product based Profit Analysis
Customer Debit Note
Sales Report
Sales Management
Purchase Management
Purchase Management
Vendor File
Purchase Order Created from Sales Order
Goods Receive Note
Purchase Invoicing
Store Material Request
Store Issue Slip
Request for Quotation
Vendor Payments
Vendor Payments Approval System
Vendor Settlement
Vendor Statement
Vendor Payables
Vendor Credit Note
Purchase Reports
Inventory Management
Inventory Items File
Multiple Inventory Locations/Branches
Warehouse Management
Unit of Measurement by Item
Item Stock Reminder & Value
Item Movement History
Item Price List
Stock Adjustment
Item Category
Item Stock Reports
Inventory Management
Project Management
Project Management
Customer Projects Tracking & Profit Management
Project Profit Summary Statement
Project Cost Analysis Report
Project Income & Expense Details
Project Master File
Work Order Entry Panel
Project wise Purchase Invoicing
Material Dispatch to the Projects
Project Cost Calculation
Project Wise Sales Invoicing
Project Profit Calculation
Project Analysis Reports
Manufacturing Management
Production of By Products
Production of Finished Goods
Cost Allocation for Produced Items
Cost Distribution & Cost Allocation based on the Inventory Value
Define items for BOM (Bill of Materials)
Define BOM Elements and its Quantity
Assemble New BOM Items to the Stock
Sales Invoicing of BOM Items
BOM Stock Reports
Manufacturing Management
Manpower Management
Manpower Management
Employee (Manpower) Master File
Mobilization Invoicing with VAT
Mobilization Entry for a customer to mobilize employees
Mobilization Invoice Print with Client Specification
Employees Mobilization Availability Status Report
Customer File & its Document Management
Customer Receivable Statement
Customer Receivable Details
Customer Receivable Summary
Customer Debit Note
Integrated with Financial Module
Customer based Sales Analysis & Graphical Reports
Sales Status Report for each day and each month
Customer Receivables Dashboard
Customer Payment/Customer Receipt booking against Each Invoice
Customer Invoice Settlement for Advance Payments
Auto VAT Posting & Invoice Details for Submitting to the Govt.
Human Resource Management (HR)
Employee Information & Salary Information
Employee Vacation Days Settings
Employee National ID (Iqama) softcopy attachment
Employee Passport softcopy attachment
Employee National ID (Iqama) expiry date reminder
Employee family details
Employee vacation register details
Employee vacation pending days
Employee vacation return details
Employee salary increment history details
Employee termination process
Employee related reports
Human Resource Management (HR)
Attendance Management
Attendance Management
Employee Information mapped to attendance machine
Time sheet data import from attendance machine
Employee auto leave registry based on timesheet
Manager approval of timesheet
Manager approval for absents
Manager approval for additions and deductions
Auto update settings for employee additions and deductions
Salary processing based on timesheet
Holidays setup
Working shift and hours setup
Payroll Management
Employee Salary process for each month
Employee Salary payments
Bank transfer - Online salary transfer (WPS) supported
Additions and deductions manual entry
Employee loans
Employee loan adjustment
User defined pay-codes & accrual-codes for flexibility
Different types of pay calculations
Different types of salary payment methods
Attendance data integration for timesheet based calculation
Government Insurance auto calculation & payments
GL Account mapping
Payroll related reports
Payroll Management
Employee Self Service
Employee Self Service
Employee Login
Employee Dashboard
Employee Profile
Loan Details
Notice Board
Employee Vacation Request
Employee Vacation History
Employee Attendance History
Attendance Approval by Managers
Fixed Asset management
Asset Master File
Asset Purchase
Category based asset life period
Auto depreciation process
Asset Suspension
Asset Movement & Transfer
Asset Dispatch/Sale
Standard Reports
Fixed Asset management
Recruitment Management
Recruitment Management
Get Employment Online Request
Create Job Vacancies in Smartx Payroll to Publish it in your Website online
Get Employment Request through Company Website
Search Content in the CV (Candidate Resume) in advance search
Shows list of matching CV
Details of Employment Request
Approve & Register Employment Request to Schedule Interview
Schedule Employment Request Time
Schedule Candidate Request Time
Employee Receiving Email
Recruitment Registration
Create Job Offer
Interview Candidate Receiving Offer Letter By Email
Update Status
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